Colouring purple tattoo


Another tattoo day, another chunk of dollars! Took the day to do something more entertaining with my time than work. Sure, it’s still painful, but in a good way. What does it say that I would rather be repeatedly punctured with a sharp object and risk infection than spend the day with my marketing team? I’m pretty sure it says the same thing that everyone who has to deal with marketing says. HAHAHAHA! Man, it still amazes me that everyone in my line of work has the same experiences with mktg teams, much the same as said mktg teams must have to say about us. Difference is, we work for a living. Ok, enough with the knock-about on day-jobs. At least we are all paying out bills…

Today was supposed to be full colour on the couple, however it didn’t quite work out that way. I knew I wanted her in purple, (despite the basis in Victoria Frances’ artwork, the colours are from Luna’s wedding dress), but I was iffy on him. Of course, after she was done and he with a spot of red on him, Luna & I chatted it over and realized that she should perhaps be in a red or black cincher to match up with him, or better yet he could have had a purple vest, (it’s red, but you cannot see until after my next visit), and a red coat. Oh well. I think instead we’ll put him in grey-lavender slacks and a hard gray jacket, with a nice shine on the lapels similar to black satin. That ought to even things up right & proper! For now, she’s all done and healing nicely, (a bit more swelling than I’m accustomed too, but settling down well). We even enjoyed the evening out watching one of the many area Roller Derby leagues as the Cadaver Crue stomped a real mud hole in the Lolitas de los Muertos! Corpese on the arm, corpses on the track, beer in the belly.

Tattoo Tony

The sleeve continues...

3 weeks later and I’m back in the chair getting the shading done prior to attacking the colour full force. This day went pretty smooth. I showed up at the shop 5ish and Tony was finishing up his current customer so I took the opportunity to fill my belly around the corner at Bogey’s, (Four Peaks 8th Street Ale, boneless buffalo wings, sweet potato fries). Spent much of the time in the chair chatting with Tony rather than reading my book. Watched alot of dated films, inlc Pee Wee’s Bog Adventur and Cap’n Ron. Also watched a fascinating documentary on street artists, “Exit through the gift shop“, if I recall correctly. It was pretty cool and we talked about Tony’s history in street are among other things. I’ll be back for first pass at colour mid-August. I won’t have this done in time to enter it at Hell City, but maybe I can still enter the tree in the cover-up comp or even the WIP comp. We’ll see….

It was a quick 3 hours for me and a reasonable way to close out my day, but Luna had a horrifying time spent in the office first thing that morning through to a group dinner. Incl the commute, her work day was over 13 hours, poor thing. I got home and she was just wrecked. :( I’ll have to make it up to her tonight with some bubbles and plenty of affection.

Zombie Dinner Party

Polite company!

Awfully busy of late, but my Irish pal Haff sent this along to me and I simply had to find a permanent home for it. I have no idea who the original author is, but I salute them and will happily give credit where credit is due when I learn the truth.

More on my zombie fetish later…

New Tattoo Sketch

Victorian Zombie Hunters

Finally! Fresh ink! Spent all spring, from when I was flush with some extra scratch, to now when I’m brokity broke broke, waiting to get back in the shop and continue the sleeve. Originally, this was intended to be a married couple, back from the grave. A sort of homage to ‘omnia vincit amor’, (Lat: love conquers all). As time wore on, I continued to refine the idea in my head and decided instead to work with something more in the hunters category. So here we are, my wife’s & my Victorian alter-egos, confidently holding back the hordes of the living dead. Hot damn, that’s heroic.

It wraps the whole forearm, incl the elbow on both sides. Yes it hurts. It also sucks to be in long sleeves on a hot Arizona summer day. Back in the saddle later in July for color.

In more sombre news, my Irish friend Haff’s very good friend Seb, a French ex-patriot living in Dublin, succumbed to his 3 year battle with cancer at 11:20p Paris time on 30Jun, about 4 hours prior to my sitting in the chair for fresh ink. Seb was also a tattoo artist and I’ve seen his work on my Irishman’s skin for years now. I even had the luxury of slaying zombies a la Left for Dead with Haff, Seb and Seb’s brother Dam last fall. Requiescat in pace, mon ami. You’ve earned some peace at last.

If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.

Marketing with zombies!

Make no bones about it, I am utterly and completely fascinated with zombies. Sister Moon indulges me in this odd predilection, but even she thinks I may be a bit off my chum. Zombies can be funny, scary to watch, fun to kill, terrifying to imagine, enjoyable to pub crawl with, something to look forward to and even musically viable.

And now we have a very serious organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, using a zombie apocalypse as a marketing tool. That’s right, leveraging the current zombie fad and a hint of mktg savvy, they’ve published a very serious article on preparing for a serious emergency, (such as the fearsome tornadoes and flooding we’re seeing this year or even last year’s exceedingly long hurricane season), with a tongue in cheek zombie approach. Kudos to them for some crafty thinking and all the work they do for any emergency.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that zombies are relentless, ravenous creatures hell bent on their implacable consumption of everything in their path. Kind of like American’s at the mall!

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