Oberon in da sink!

Sink, not swim!

It has been a tumultuous year thus far. I’ve been meaning to write this for some time, but I am quite frankly exhausted. Every spare ounce of energy is used to curl up in Luna’s arms, love on our furry babies, plunge a virtual lightsaber through someone’s digital guts or to see the bottom of the next bottle. Let’s recap 2012 to date…

The year began much as it always has with opening day of the Arizona Renaissance Festival serving as my official birthday gathering. From here we had the most insane Feb/Mar as both of our jobs went completely off the hook. Luna had her annual trade show travel with not even a day’s rest after as we then had to fly to a wedding weekend in Monterey, CA. Shortly after returning from that we hosted dear friends in our home for a long weekend. Bidding them adieu, we hoped to settle in for a brief respite. It was at this time that I developed the first symptoms of Pityriasis Rosea. Despite an initial diagnosis as jock itch, this harmless yet virtually unknown skin condition is only just now abating after 12 weeks of itchy hell. During that time we were also forced to deal with the loss of our beloved Portia, which I have written about. Luna’s birthday and our annual Beltane gathering were affected, but we soldiered on gathering solace amongst our dearest friends. No sooner than we had come to grips with mourning her when we were again thrust into the veterinary maelstorm again with Oberon.

Obie began acting erratic, which we attributed to the loss of his sister. We were still coming to terms with the changes in the household, (eating, litter box, etc), so it was difficult to tell. His litter box behaviour had become quite strange and we had only begun researching possible issues. In denial that anyone else in the household might be sick, we ended up taking Oberon into the emergency vet a month & a day after Portia’s death. 01Jun found us sitting in a room being told our son had a blocked urethra and possible bladder stones. Urinary tract health is a critical issue for boy cats and a blockage can lead to death in as little as 72 hours. Catheterized, we learned that Oberon has an extremely small urethra, required surgery to remove several bladder stones.  A week of segregation from Aja & Rhu followed, with one filthy Obie, Luna & I cooped up in the master bedroom with food and litter box. It took time to integrate the babies again as Oberon reeked of surgery, pain and fear. His pain meds made him both paranoid and psychotically loving. Once off the pain meds, we had an incident where he attempted to cough up a hairball and suffered great pain. Imagine having surgery where your abdomen is cut from sternum to crotch and after barely a week of recovery you had violent, abdominal seizures. It was one of the most frightening experiences we’ve ever had to endure. With the lad recovered, Obie now has to be on medicated food and bottled water for the rest of his life to manage the formation of struvite crystals in his urine. Our feline food bill quadrupled overnight and the rank odour of wet food is a source of daily joy each morning. Still, he is healthy and actually quite peppy and energetic. New games have been developed which he relishes, playing a form of volleyball or basketball rebounding with us as often as he can.

It’s July now and we just hosted my parents for the weekend as well as an evening with one of Luna’s friends from New Hampshire. I have since learned that my Vit D count is exceedingly low, less than half of expected, and my blood sugar is higher than expected. These things together put me on the watch list for diabetes, but if I get some sun and some exercise and lowers the sugars, (note: booze is a sugar, fuck that!), then all should be right in my world. We have a dear friend who is diabetic and though we lover her, I have no desire to be playing on her team. So, diet is changing and the doc wants to see my blood every 3 months to see if it’s getting back on track. Yaay.

Work is STILL totally our of control with no signs of relief. And we have our trip to new England in the fall, another wedding to attend, (more on this shortly), and of course our own anniversary all before we reach the holidays again. I find it disheartening that in the 3rd week of July I scan out over the next 5 months in my mind’s eye and grow exhausted at the mere thought of them. Still, the fight of a proper New England fall combined with two October celebrations should be occasion to rejoice, regardless of how difficult the time between now and then will be. So, until I have happier news to report, I’ll sign off on the last 7 months for now and think positive thoughts for the remainder of the year.




5.5hrs of sleep. Now time to get ready for RenFaire!!!

EDITED – 21March

Twas a pleasant RenFaire day, alas with few pix until Friar Pat ponies up with what he took. Hot day, crowded day, but still as enjoyable as always. I’m still recovering, it was that good. Closed the day out with a little extra drunk The Scot & The Czech, after which I dropped an empty growler of grog making my way to the cab at 11pm. *sigh* And I was barefoot. Ahhh, sweet memories…

4 rums, 3 juices and a little love

Grog fixins!

At the request of many, here is my off the cuff grog recipe which became quite the hit at RenFaire opening day this year. I offer it now as I made a gallon to take with us in our voyage to the faire in just a few hours, (holy crap, the ship will dock at this port in 8 hours). This recipe is fairly simple, 1.5oz rum to 3oz juice. I make it in half gallon amounts, which fits nicely into any growler bottle one might get some a craft brew pub.

For slightly more than a half gallon, you use 24oz of Rum to 48oz of juice. Any mixture will do, but this recipe adds the punch of 1 part spiced rum to 3 parts flavored light rum. Juice should be mostly if not all citrus, but so long as it’s tropical, it should work out fine.

6oz Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum
6oz Capt. Morgan’s Parrot Bay Coconut Rum
6oz Capt. Morgan’s Parrot Bay Key Lime Rum
6oz Capt. Morgan’s Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Rum
16oz Orange Juice
16oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
16oz Pineapple-Mango Juice
Dash of Nutmeg
Cinnamon Stick

Combine all and stir thoroughly. For best results, chill overnight to allow the cinnamon stick to lend it’s character to the beverage. Serve cold over ice.

As for this specific recipe, here are some simple tips. Any spiced rum will do, such as Capt. Morgan’s, Sailor Jerry’s etc. Personally, I enjoy the extra 7% alcohol AND the flavor from Sailor Jerry’s over Capt. Morgan’s. As for the light, flavored rum, these happened to be the only 3 in stock at the grocers when I went. As a bonus, they happened to be on sale at $8/bottle. Regardless, the goal is to get light rums preferably of a flavored variety. As for the juice, we buy juices which have had their sugar and caloric content cut wherever possible. For these, the OJ and pineapple-mango are Tropicana brand Trop50 variety. They don’t make a grapefruit, but we still use a light grapefruit. You’re already pumping a ton of sugar into your system with that much rum, so why not cut a bit back on the juice. Trust me, NOBODY thought we were serving diet grog, this stuff is goooood!

Cheers mates!


Pirates’ weekend, here we come!

Edit, 08March:

Well, came & went it did. Was a simple trip w/ our favorite Scot and his lovely Czech wife, (I don’t have nicknames for them yet). A loungy day, a drink or two, a bit to eat. Was quite pleasant, truly. The hard rains that fell after we left even put snow on the mountains by Sunday morning. It was amazing, to think that Monday we saw snow and by the following weekend we had reached a sweltering 80+. Unreal.

Fortunately, the good ship Rogue Maiden has been loosed from her slip to haunt the seas of the 60 once again. Beware her and the depraved souls upon her decks come the weekend of 19March. The Ides of March indeed, for we be falling upon the innocents of AZ RenFest once again. ARGH!!!

A well into his cups Brother Wolf at the close of AZ Ren Fest's opening day

Avast ye lubber, mits off me grog!

The best part about running a blog nobody reads is you can add posts in after the fact. Muahahahahah!!! Seriously, was I in any position with the dressing and the gathering and the drinking on the bus to actually put up a post about my birthday weekend AND opening day at the 2011 Arizona Renaissance Festival on said day(s)? I think not!

The faire was it’s usual fare, (no pun intended), but this year we see the rise of a new king. The former king, a kindly, if lecherous imp, was in attendance at the drum circle for the closing of the day. If he wishes to ogle Sister Moon’s cleavage this year, he won’t have the liberty of being a king to do so. Tartanic was in residence again, HUZZAH FOR BAGPIPES! I shot a couple new videos of the two new pipers playing with the group, but I think the ladies were mostly enamoured of the new drummer and his rakish good looks and bare chest. Damn my old age!

Sixteen of us rode aboard the grand ship “Rogue Maiden”, (ok, it was a passenger bus from Mad Dog’s company piloted by our very own Tom B),  and it was a raucous ride indeed. I concocted a new grog recipe on the fly, (based loosely on my own dark grog recipe and the infamous Capt’n Arrrrgyl), Friday night. I’ll post the recipe when I get ’round to putting up the drink pages, but in rough form it’s 24oz of rum, (3 flavored light rums and Sailor Jerry’s), and equal measures of OJ, Pineapple/Mango & Grapefruit juices to round up to about a half gallon. This was so good, we damn near killed the ration on the trip out and I had to beat the troops into submission to spare a dram or tow for the trip home.

All in all, a grand way to kick off my birthday weekend and whet the appetite for our next outing on Pirate’s Weekend, 26-27Feb. Grand so!

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