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Not the face!!!

Picture if you will a man and a woman, sitting in the comfort of their own home just after the end of a long work week. It’s Friday, they are ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of a well deserved weekend. Suddenly, there comes a knock on the door and a ring at the bell. They’ve just entered…

The Process Server Zone!

As a rule, and everyone who knows us knows this, we don’t just answer the door or pick up the phone simply because a bell rings. Seriously, in every movie people hop up off the can, stop having sex and generally disrupt whatever they are doing to handle these interruptions. I know in movies it’s a plot mechanic, but every time I still have to say, “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?” So naturally, the knock at the door didn’t phase us at all. Nobody should be knocking on my door at 6:45p on a Friday. When they insistently knocked and rang the bell, sending felines frantically fleeing in the process, we were like “WTF?!?!” Luna’s twitch kicked in and on a gut reaction she checked the court files on the internet…

Sure enough, fucking baby-mama had filed for a court date to get more child support. In all fairness, this isn’t surprising and we are always waiting for that shoe to drop. When it finally does, dropping from a great height onto your nut-sack as you lay slumbering, the effect is no less sickening. The circumstances surrounding the birth of my bastard is a wholly different story, as are my future rants about the arbitrary amounts of child support enforced by various states. No, today I’d like to rant specifically about the irony of being ‘off the grid‘ and ‘on the dole‘.

In the process of trying to iron out this financial wrinkle to the least detrimental impact, we learn that baby-mama & bastard are participating in a few public assistance programs for nutrition, health care, etc. We further learn that since being severed from extremely gainful employment, their financial situation has been most dire as self-employment for her 2 businesses  isn’t showing any profitability and what conventional employment she has engaged in has been part time and equally fruitless. I’m sorry to say, but even a cursory glance of the tax records showcased a number of incongruities in what was being claimed as income. Of course, at the end of the day, if a judge doesn’t see those incongruities and the disparity of income is significant, she gets a free ride and I take it up the ass. So, we do what we can to keep the fingers in the dam without the judge. This means filing an agreement wherein both parties must sign before a deputy clerk.

Make no bones about it, that woman and I do NOT get along. She has a penchant for manipulating people and circumstances to suit her personal desires, often convincing them that what she THINKS is what they ought to want/need/do. Still, I played nice, hoping to get out of this losing only slightly less than a pound of flesh. This meant spending a bit of face time before & after signing the papers. During this interaction, I learn that she has no intention of ever returning to her former means of gainful employment. Furthermore, she specifically wishes to remove herself from the tax paying citizenry, or more to the point, she doesn’t wish to earn enough to have to pay real taxes and where possible take payment in cash. She’s packing up the bastard and moving to a pleasant countryside location to live with a friend who is ‘off the grid’. My assumption is that she will again request public assistance once she arrives. Thus, ’off the grid‘ and ‘on the dole‘.

For those who don’t know, I pay the taxes on MY income which I then give to her as Child Support. She doesn’t even have to declare it as income. Neither do I get to declare these payments in such a way as to keep my tax burden reasonable. So it would appear that her intent was to take my free money and use mine and your tax dollars to fund her little experiment. She’s also planning on declaring bankruptcy to eliminate the lion’s share of her debt, (again, another form of public assistance in debt forgiveness). So she DOESN’T want to pay taxes, but she DOES want to benefit from the services that other’s taxes provide? Furthermore, we still don’t fully understand or appreciate how the funds I am required to pay by court order may actually benefit the child in question. If the child goes to public school, then more tax dollars are at work for education. If not, then she is only being set up to become another drain on the public trough.

At present I am utterly fuming over this revelation. As a rule I’m extremely leftist. I firmly believe that the basic requirements for survival and prosperity should not be beyond the reach of the common citizenry: home, clothing, food, education. I also believe that citizens owe a debt to the gov’t which provides for them. However, that’s the utopian ideal. In reality, humans are vain, selfish, greedy, ignorant creatures who look for any means to get ahead of their neighbor and rarely offer anything without expecting payment in return. So here I am, out more money per month than I was only a week ago, utterly disrupted in my own financial plan, knowing full well that am I paying directly and indirectly to help subsist baby-mama’s ’off the grid‘/’on the dole‘ lifestyle.

Thanks for everything…

Rioting in Penn State

It ain't Mardi Gras!

Much has happened since August. Unexpected expense on my gaming PC, calamitous hi-jinks at the office for both of us, trips to the PacNW for work and family, friends in trouble, our wedding anniversary. A good blogger would have found time to talk about all of that. Alas, I have found very little time for personal pursuits of late. However, when Yahoo insists on ramming their brand of breaking news down my throat when I sign in to check that mail account, occasionally I find an article which intrigues me. The last two days have been such a day. Joe Paterno, ancient head football coach for Penn State from beyond the grave has apparently been terminated. Well, I can only say one thing.

Good fucking riddance and can you take university with you?!?!

I have no actual rationale for this. How could I, it is only college sports. It’s not solving the debt crisis or curing cancer, it’s just a game. That being said, I have NEVER liked PennState. I don’t like that their mascot is a Nittany Lion, (mountain lion, puma, cougar). Washington State are the Cougars, the rest are posers. I ABSOLUTELY detest that they were included in the Big10 back in 1990/93. JoePa’s mug looks like a garden gnome’s. PennState supporters are slavish in their devotion, every bit as irrational as my hatred for PennState. I could go on and on.

[As an aside, the only more horrific NCAAF bullshit ever to occur than adding PennState to the Big10 without dropping another team is the inclusion of Ne-FUCKING-braska to the Big10 in 2011, (now Big12? WTF?), and the creation of the BCS which hijacks the Rose Bowl once every 4 years for a Nat'l Championship rather than the traditional Pac10-Big10 match up. I don't give a fuck that they changed that in 2007 to a format which reads like a marketing director writing out a tax code. Fuck you BCS, if you want a championship, have a playoff series.]

As for the details, I don’t care so long as he’s gone. This is not to say that I don’t care about sexual abuse. If you get your rocks off without the consent of whomever your sexual partner is, (ie: abuse, not just naughty sex play), then you ought to be strung up by your tea-bagging sack or ovaries and left to dangle like a pinata for the abused to whack at. I’m also not condoning statutory rape, however bear in mind that less than 200 years ago, “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”, wasn’t just a stupid thing boys said, it was a fact of life and human biology. I won’t even bother discussing the Greek notions of sexuality with regards to teachers and students. The situation as it stands is that one person allegedly saw a co-worker sexually abuse ‘a boy’, reported it to his superior who in turn reported it to his superiors, who by law, (Clery Act), have to report infractions on campus property to the police proper.

Whatever the actual details, what this boils down to is people in authority not wishing to draw negative publicity to their private little world. Putting a black mark on PennState, or PennState football or heaven-fucking-forbid Joe Fucking Paterno is far more important than shedding light on a problem and effecting a resolution. PennState might as well be the Vatican at this point, sweeping sexual abuse under the rug to avoid scandal rather than growing a sack and handling the business right and proper for all to see.

In the end, all that matters is PennState is exposed as a typical ‘rah rah school first’ institution trying to save face by misdirecting the media through their most visible front man. For that, fuck you PennState! Fuck you JoePa! And fuck you to any school, government, church or corporation which sweeps unsightly bits under the rug rather than dealing with them openly and honestly.

Colouring purple tattoo


Another tattoo day, another chunk of dollars! Took the day to do something more entertaining with my time than work. Sure, it’s still painful, but in a good way. What does it say that I would rather be repeatedly punctured with a sharp object and risk infection than spend the day with my marketing team? I’m pretty sure it says the same thing that everyone who has to deal with marketing says. HAHAHAHA! Man, it still amazes me that everyone in my line of work has the same experiences with mktg teams, much the same as said mktg teams must have to say about us. Difference is, we work for a living. Ok, enough with the knock-about on day-jobs. At least we are all paying out bills…

Today was supposed to be full colour on the couple, however it didn’t quite work out that way. I knew I wanted her in purple, (despite the basis in Victoria Frances’ artwork, the colours are from Luna’s wedding dress), but I was iffy on him. Of course, after she was done and he with a spot of red on him, Luna & I chatted it over and realized that she should perhaps be in a red or black cincher to match up with him, or better yet he could have had a purple vest, (it’s red, but you cannot see until after my next visit), and a red coat. Oh well. I think instead we’ll put him in grey-lavender slacks and a hard gray jacket, with a nice shine on the lapels similar to black satin. That ought to even things up right & proper! For now, she’s all done and healing nicely, (a bit more swelling than I’m accustomed too, but settling down well). We even enjoyed the evening out watching one of the many area Roller Derby leagues as the Cadaver Crue stomped a real mud hole in the Lolitas de los Muertos! Corpese on the arm, corpses on the track, beer in the belly.

Technology Tieflings

Technology Tieflings, courtesy DesertFoxx

When Sister Moon’s Dell Inspiron 531 tanked last fall, we had to scramble to get a new machine for her. We saved some money and found a pretty decent HP replacement as we have pretty much written off Dell. Their usury nonsense regarding Dell credit was the last straw, but I had long ago given up on Dell desktops after having to carve open my Dimension 8400 case to install a beefier PSU to handle my GPU upgrade at the time. Nonsense, truly. I cannot state with enough vehemence that buying a Dell amounts to buying a disposable PC. No upgrade path, no recycle path, no future proofing. Ridiculous.

Shortly after buying the Inspiron, (Athlon X2 2.3GHz 1MBL2C, 2GB 667MHz DDR2), Luna expressed tremendous dissatisfaction with even basic Windows performance. After some review, the video subsystem was struggling to keep up so we checked with what Dell ‘approved’ using, (another factor that rankles me), and added an EVGA GeForce 9400GT 1GB GPU. This improved things enough for her. When the machine finally failed thanks to the HD crashing, it was the newest machine in a house of 2 desktops and 4 laptops.

My 17″ laptop has been my gaming rig for several years, but is severely showing it’s age. I had already purchased a WD 1TB drive for the Inspiron when Luna decided it was best just to replace the whole machine with an HP. This spring I finally decided to try recycling the 531 as a hold-over gaming desktop until I’m in a position to really build a new rig. I figured it’s still a dual core CPU and still had a 1GB GPU. I installed the new drive, reinstalled the OS, (Vista 32bit), and installed a few games to see how it would handle things. After playing an hour of Red Alert 3 it seemed like we had a winner. So I decided to give it a little push in the form of Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Dawn of War 2 and Starcraft 2, (wow, alot of sequels in the library). That’s when things fell apart…

Initially things looked pretty good and I was very hopeful. After some promising game play, suddenly the frames/sec plummeted to single digits. It was intermittent, but not locked up. After a while, things would speed back up. Reviewing PerfMon showed, a high volume of page faults, so I assumed more memory would do the trick. Consider that in 32bit the video memory gets gobbled up by the system memory, (not a layman’s discussion). In essence, the 2GB of memory in the machine translates to approx 0.75GB of usable memory after the system and video gobbles up what is needs. Not alot. So I found some Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) 800MHz DDR2 at a decent price with a good rebate, (it still amazes me that buying older kit is more expensive than newer kit), and promptly installed it. Windows loads faster, games load faster, but the same intermittent performance problem was every bit as evident. So I paid for a return label and got ready to pay the restocking fee. *sigh*

Then I had an epiphany! The Dell PSU only runs at a pathetic 300w. It has also run, nonstop, for the better part of 3 years. Accounting for aging, it could have lost as much as 30% of it’s capacity. As I was already planning on building a new machine, I decided to take a brief gamble. With a week to go on the valid RMA and an ever growing love for our Amazon Prime membership, I ordered up a new NZXT GAMMA case & Corsair 500w PSU, (recall, you cannot swap a new PSU into a stock Dell without carving the case open. Fuckers!). I spent Wed night swapping the entirety of the Dell guts into place. The only wrinkle was the utter lack of any documentation to support the front panel wiring harness, (HD & power lighting, power & reset switches), which stalled out an otherwise uneventful process.

TF2 seemed to play well enough, failing to exhibit the intermittent hiccup after my first death as it had been. In fact, I played a full game to 2 control point captures without too much trouble. I let DOW2 run a performance test and the numbers were abysmal, so I let it auto-tune and try again. The 2nd test looked good, so I sat down to play the final map, which traditionally exhibited the intermittent trouble. It seemed to perform well enough. It would seem that whatever was causing the problem was related to a system which was attempting to draw 332w of power thought a aging 300w system PSU. I’ll need some more testing, alas my father in law arrives tonight so gaming will be on hiatus through the weekend.

For now, I am hopeful that the $200 I’ve spent on this old machine is still serviceable enough to run Space Marine in the fall while I research the necessary parts for a proper build. If it doesn’t at least this is $165 I won’t need to spend on the next machine…

  • ASUS M2N61-AX (Dell Inspiron 531 mobo)
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (2.3GHz, 1MB L2C)
  • Corsair 4GB (2x 2GB, 800MHz DDR2)
  • EVGA GeForce 9400 GT (1GB DDR2)
  • WD Caviar Blue (1TB, 7200rpm)
  • Linksys Draft-N NIC
  • NZXT GAMMA ATX Mid-Tower (3x 120mm fans)
  • Corsair 500CXV2 (500w, 80+ certified)

NovaBench Score

Soon, my pretty, soon there will be 3.3GHz quad core dreams…

Car fire creates gridlock

Look ma! Traffic stand-still!!

Of course, I’m blogging on my other sites about project, but I’ve been to Vegas twice on business, (once with Sister Moon and once for my own company), met with a childhood friend I haven’t seen in almost 20 years and many other, sundry little events have transpired. However, right now as the heat starts to crank up in the desert and I know I’m staring down the barrel of another long, hot, shit-ass summer, I wanted to discuss the most immediate event. Apparently, there was a car fire at my exit during my morning commute. I didn’t begin to feel the effects until I was approx 4 exits from my off-ramp, (4-5 miles give or take), but when you go from a lovely 70mph down to walking the overheating, air-cooled scoot, well, it sucks balls. Image above links to all the traffic cams on I-10 from 32nd street all the way down to Chandler Blvd. Ugh, glad this packed up behind me. Then again, had I hopped on at Ray and saw it looking like this, well, I would never have left the ramp lane, hopping off at Warner and taken 48th street in.

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