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It’s been the craziest year. We’ve lived in Arizona for a mighty long time and honestly I don’t recall ever hearing the word haboob until recently. Stranger than that, despite living in a desert dust bowl, I can’t remember the last monsoon season where walls of dust where such a consistent affair. It’s unreal.

This past Thur the phone blared away with it’s emergency warning alert, (another all too common occurrence this year), and as I was on Tabitha my gut told me to check the weather. I saw a veritable wall of green/yellow/red on the satellite, to I high-tailed it home since it was 5 to 5 anyway. The pic at left is what I watched the entire drive. Inexorably we advanced upon one another, my heading south and it heading north. I knew as I closed on the last leg of my journey that I was not going to beat this. Sure enough, in the space it took to make the curve switching from US 60 to the 101 visibility went from bright & clear to less than 20 feet before I could even see the Guadalupe exit. Fungus laden dust saturated my every breath and the muppet show that is rush hour traffic blocked my every escape. Cutting off to the frontage road, I idled my way home for the final 4 miles.

I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I’m damn glad I’m in the car today as we enjoy ACTUAL monsoon weather such as rain and temps in the 70′s!!! I only wish I was outside enjoying with with a frothy mug of beer. *sigh* Day jobs, can’t live with ‘em, can’t pay yer bills without ‘em.

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