Rioting in Penn State

It ain't Mardi Gras!

Much has happened since August. Unexpected expense on my gaming PC, calamitous hi-jinks at the office for both of us, trips to the PacNW for work and family, friends in trouble, our wedding anniversary. A good blogger would have found time to talk about all of that. Alas, I have found very little time for personal pursuits of late. However, when Yahoo insists on ramming their brand of breaking news down my throat when I sign in to check that mail account, occasionally I find an article which intrigues me. The last two days have been such a day. Joe Paterno, ancient head football coach for Penn State from beyond the grave has apparently been terminated. Well, I can only say one thing.

Good fucking riddance and can you take university with you?!?!

I have no actual rationale for this. How could I, it is only college sports. It’s not solving the debt crisis or curing cancer, it’s just a game. That being said, I have NEVER liked PennState. I don’t like that their mascot is a Nittany Lion, (mountain lion, puma, cougar). Washington State are the Cougars, the rest are posers. I ABSOLUTELY detest that they were included in the Big10 back in 1990/93. JoePa’s mug looks like a garden gnome’s. PennState supporters are slavish in their devotion, every bit as irrational as my hatred for PennState. I could go on and on.

[As an aside, the only more horrific NCAAF bullshit ever to occur than adding PennState to the Big10 without dropping another team is the inclusion of Ne-FUCKING-braska to the Big10 in 2011, (now Big12? WTF?), and the creation of the BCS which hijacks the Rose Bowl once every 4 years for a Nat'l Championship rather than the traditional Pac10-Big10 match up. I don't give a fuck that they changed that in 2007 to a format which reads like a marketing director writing out a tax code. Fuck you BCS, if you want a championship, have a playoff series.]

As for the details, I don’t care so long as he’s gone. This is not to say that I don’t care about sexual abuse. If you get your rocks off without the consent of whomever your sexual partner is, (ie: abuse, not just naughty sex play), then you ought to be strung up by your tea-bagging sack or ovaries and left to dangle like a pinata for the abused to whack at. I’m also not condoning statutory rape, however bear in mind that less than 200 years ago, “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”, wasn’t just a stupid thing boys said, it was a fact of life and human biology. I won’t even bother discussing the Greek notions of sexuality with regards to teachers and students. The situation as it stands is that one person allegedly saw a co-worker sexually abuse ‘a boy’, reported it to his superior who in turn reported it to his superiors, who by law, (Clery Act), have to report infractions on campus property to the police proper.

Whatever the actual details, what this boils down to is people in authority not wishing to draw negative publicity to their private little world. Putting a black mark on PennState, or PennState football or heaven-fucking-forbid Joe Fucking Paterno is far more important than shedding light on a problem and effecting a resolution. PennState might as well be the Vatican at this point, sweeping sexual abuse under the rug to avoid scandal rather than growing a sack and handling the business right and proper for all to see.

In the end, all that matters is PennState is exposed as a typical ‘rah rah school first’ institution trying to save face by misdirecting the media through their most visible front man. For that, fuck you PennState! Fuck you JoePa! And fuck you to any school, government, church or corporation which sweeps unsightly bits under the rug rather than dealing with them openly and honestly.

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