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Moar Power!

Well folks, a quick mobo swap, some careful tweaks and a few driver installs and we have a new machine! Hello Llano, I am in you.


Mmmm, stout

All I can say is, this shoulda been me. Mom sent this ling along for an e-zine dedicated to the beauty of adult libations. We also subscribe to a poor little magazine which is struggling the way many print products are, Modern Drunkard. It’s much snarkier and more tongue in cheek, which appeals to us, but they have been struggling somewhat and I cannot recall the last time a magazine arrived at the house.

Regardless, I had to share these and record them for posterity. Raise a glass lads & lasses in celebration of libation!


AMD Llano

Move over Core i3...

Some of you, (ok, none of you since nobody reads this), may recall my last chat about getting a gaming rig together on the cheap. Well, after some fuss & pain, I ended up with a rebuilt Dell still plagued with the same ailments as always, just less frequently. Rather than throw good money after bad, I’ve decided to put together a better stopgap. Thanks to Tom’s Hardware and Squidoo, I have settled on a $270 upgrade to the existing kit in the form of a new AMD Llano proc, a Gigabyte mobo and some 1600MHz Ripjaws RAM. To keep things potentially cheap, I’m not adding anything else to the previous rig. The proc, mobo, RAM & GPU are no longer necessary, the case & PSU are brand new, so that just leaves the recycled 1TB HDD and DVD-R. I’m hoping I can limp it along on Windows Vista for a time so I don’t have to pony up another $100 for Win7, (esp considering Win8 may be out soon). If I must, then I must.

What brought on this furious change you ask, (again, who’s asking considering NOBODY reads this)? Simple really, Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m a dork, so sue me! My laptops are aging and the rebuild was neither a failure or a success. As I continued to read and research, I came across the very promising Llano 2.9GHz w/ integrated GPU chipset. A smoking deal considering the positive press and the lack of a dedicated card. Of course, I can still CrossFire it with a discrete card, which is even better if I so choose. Likely not, however, as in the spring I plan on a Core i5-2500k, (or it’s equivalent when the time arrives).

In any case, while I don’t expect to be bowled over by this, I certainly do expect that it will far and away outperform what I currently have. BIG THANKS to Danny Yu on Squidoo for keeping his recommendations up to date and Tom’s Hardware for handling all the research. Also thanks to Amazon Prime, the items should be in my hot little hands by Friday, (sorry NewEgg, you only saved me a couple bucks and couldn’t deliver as fast). W00T! After which, we’ll see how it benchmarks.

  • Gigabyte GA-A75M-S2V AMD Socket FM1 Dual Graphic Micro ATX Motherboard
  • AMD A8-3850 APU w/AMD Radeon 6550 HD GPU (2.9GHz Quad-Core)
  • G.Skill Ripjaws-X (2x2GB, 1600MHz /CL9)
  • WD Caviar Blue (1TB, 7200rpm)
  • Linksys Draft-N NIC
  • NZXT GAMMA ATX Mid-Tower (3x 120mm fans)
  • Corsair 500CXV2 (500w, 80+ certified)


Colouring purple tattoo


Another tattoo day, another chunk of dollars! Took the day to do something more entertaining with my time than work. Sure, it’s still painful, but in a good way. What does it say that I would rather be repeatedly punctured with a sharp object and risk infection than spend the day with my marketing team? I’m pretty sure it says the same thing that everyone who has to deal with marketing says. HAHAHAHA! Man, it still amazes me that everyone in my line of work has the same experiences with mktg teams, much the same as said mktg teams must have to say about us. Difference is, we work for a living. Ok, enough with the knock-about on day-jobs. At least we are all paying out bills…

Today was supposed to be full colour on the couple, however it didn’t quite work out that way. I knew I wanted her in purple, (despite the basis in Victoria Frances’ artwork, the colours are from Luna’s wedding dress), but I was iffy on him. Of course, after she was done and he with a spot of red on him, Luna & I chatted it over and realized that she should perhaps be in a red or black cincher to match up with him, or better yet he could have had a purple vest, (it’s red, but you cannot see until after my next visit), and a red coat. Oh well. I think instead we’ll put him in grey-lavender slacks and a hard gray jacket, with a nice shine on the lapels similar to black satin. That ought to even things up right & proper! For now, she’s all done and healing nicely, (a bit more swelling than I’m accustomed too, but settling down well). We even enjoyed the evening out watching one of the many area Roller Derby leagues as the Cadaver Crue stomped a real mud hole in the Lolitas de los Muertos! Corpese on the arm, corpses on the track, beer in the belly.

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