New Tattoo Sketch

Victorian Zombie Hunters

Finally! Fresh ink! Spent all spring, from when I was flush with some extra scratch, to now when I’m brokity broke broke, waiting to get back in the shop and continue the sleeve. Originally, this was intended to be a married couple, back from the grave. A sort of homage to ‘omnia vincit amor’, (Lat: love conquers all). As time wore on, I continued to refine the idea in my head and decided instead to work with something more in the hunters category. So here we are, my wife’s & my Victorian alter-egos, confidently holding back the hordes of the living dead. Hot damn, that’s heroic.

It wraps the whole forearm, incl the elbow on both sides. Yes it hurts. It also sucks to be in long sleeves on a hot Arizona summer day. Back in the saddle later in July for color.

In more sombre news, my Irish friend Haff’s very good friend Seb, a French ex-patriot living in Dublin, succumbed to his 3 year battle with cancer at 11:20p Paris time on 30Jun, about 4 hours prior to my sitting in the chair for fresh ink. Seb was also a tattoo artist and I’ve seen his work on my Irishman’s skin for years now. I even had the luxury of slaying zombies a la Left for Dead with Haff, Seb and Seb’s brother Dam last fall. Requiescat in pace, mon ami. You’ve earned some peace at last.

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