If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency. emergency.cdc.gov

Marketing with zombies!

Make no bones about it, I am utterly and completely fascinated with zombies. Sister Moon indulges me in this odd predilection, but even she thinks I may be a bit off my chum. Zombies can be funny, scary to watch, fun to kill, terrifying to imagine, enjoyable to pub crawl with, something to look forward to and even musically viable.

And now we have a very serious organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, using a zombie apocalypse as a marketing tool. That’s right, leveraging the current zombie fad and a hint of mktg savvy, they’ve published a very serious article on preparing for a serious emergency, (such as the fearsome tornadoes and flooding we’re seeing this year or even last year’s exceedingly long hurricane season), with a tongue in cheek zombie approach. Kudos to them for some crafty thinking and all the work they do for any emergency.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that zombies are relentless, ravenous creatures hell bent on their implacable consumption of everything in their path. Kind of like American’s at the mall!

Sunset sail

Sunset sail. Key West, FL

After blowing out Da Wolf’s Picasa account, we migrated the pix from this trip, as well as other joint jocularity such as RenFaire, over to our joint Picasa account. We’ve been slowly adding more pix and we have a tone of video to edit too, so keep those eyes peeled for more.

So a few interesting tidbits about the trip. First, we pushed over 1.25GB of data through the RevA card in pix & flix. We really should’ve used my DROID and PDANet as they have unlimited bandwidth. Looks like the trip is going to cost me another C Note. Ugh. Speaking of unlimited bandwidth, with the Pandora App installed on my DROID, we play ALOT of cool music at the simple suggestion of a playlist. Love that app!And I drank a ton of Pennsylvania beer. Odd as that sounds, I drank Yeungling Lager every chance I could. I enjoyed it so much, I’m going to have Total Wine ship some from the east coast out to our west coast store. Huzzah!

Key West Tarmac

Key West Tarmac

The Key West airport is about the most laid back airport EVER, (including Coos Bay, OR, which is smaller by 3 ‘gates’). We showed up with baggage overweight, (FYI, to leave Key West, you can only have 1 checked bag per passenger and it needs to be under 50lbs or it will cost you, big time!), but they were very cool about it. “Oh, you can sit over there and try to get your bags squared away. There’s a scale for you too. Would you like a cocktail?” Ok, the cocktail part isn’t true, but they were very cool. Same w/ security. At the ‘gate’ we saw all 4 gates. 4 doors in a single room all leading to the tarmac. Very chill. They even have a little ‘beach’ at the bar. Stress free travel.

Then we arrived in Atlanta. I’m going to start my #hatelanta social campaign. Every time we go through that airport there’s a fucking problem. We step off our plane and already the connecting flight is delayed 30min. Ok, more time to get a bite and relax, if one can relax in that hellhole of an airport. So, heading from our mid B gates to the A concourse, we practically get run over twice by the damn carts. The place is wall to wall travelers and just getting around is a real chore. Talk about buzz-kill. We get to the A cross-roads and our gate is where? Why, it’s 18 gates ALL the way down the walk way. *sigh* So, we bug out for Chili’s to get a quick bite. Surly hostess growls at us, but the waitress was friendly enough. We nibble and then get antsy to check on our flight, so we pay up, head downstairs and the flight is still leaving at 10:20p.

#hatelanta Airport

#hatelanta Airport

Off we go down the hall from A18 to A2. Guess what? After navigating the very trials of Heracles to get there, the damn sign says what? Gate has been transferred to A16. WTF?!?! Trudge all the way back the way we came. 9:45p comes & goes, no boarding. 10p comes & goes, no boarding & no announcement. Finally, flight delayed to 11:05p, but the announcement comes with another possible gate change. So, this is a Delta hub and we are sitting among TONS of open gates and they can’t find a gate to put the plane into. Honestly, that’s what they said, “we cannot find an open gate for this plane”. JAYSUS!!! Flight bumps from 11:05p to 11:11p and we get shoves to A13. *sigh* We’re BOARDING at about 11p, flight starts to taxi arounf 11:20p and we sit on the tarmac for a bit. Time on Luna’s watch when we begin proper takeoff? 11:45p. FFS! 2 F’ING HOURS from our original 9:50p flight time. We arrive in Phoenix after midnight, fight with baggage, wait forever for the bus to West Economy and finally get out and on the way home around 1am Arizona time. And we think they overcharged us for parking. From the best vacation ever right into “welcome back to your shit reality”.

Anyway, fourth day back into the daily grind and Sister Moon & I are TOTALLY missing the lazy days in the Keys. Unreal how these things happen. It’s not like we were loving the Arizona life lately anyway, but damn if ocean breezes and warm sunsets don’t infect your soul. I shouldn’t complain. We have each other, many friends and loved ones and 4 insanely beautiful fur balls who have been in maximum love overdrive since we returned. If only we had them all in Key West. Fortunately, we did get a brief reprieve from the onset of full-bore summer with a stormy week and temps in the 70′s. How did THAT happen?


Our last day in the keys, I still have a draft to update for Thursday, but I couldn’t help but say HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! W00T! My faux-birthday!

Loggerhead beach, Bahia Honda Key, FL

Today we headed up keys for about 40 miles to Bahia Honda Key. There are three main beaches in the state park there, but we chose Loggerhead since it was supposed to be a big draw at low titde, (approx 11:30am). There is a massive sandbar that stretches the length of the beach, so we set an umbrella and chairs up on the sandbar as well as on the beach proper. It was something out of a Corona at, very latitude changing. Staring off to the south with your butt gently kissed by lapping waves is a dangerous thing. We saw abundant wildlife among the seagrass and tidal pools. At the moment we have no room, but we will be uploading some video, including a small eel, no bigger than your pinky, doing his thing in the shalow water. We also saw poisonous sea urchins, various other fish & birds as well as the continuous ramble of tourists with languages other than English. We’re feeling pretty sunburnt and wiped out by now, but it;’s been fun nonetheless.


90miles from Cuba!

Apparently I have never pushed Picasa nor my Verison card like this before. I should be using my DROID and PDANet to power our internet, but it’s been easier to simply leave the Verizon card up. Well, at the cut rate service to save me money monthly, I have blown clean through, uploaded over 1GB of info in less than a week. YIPES! I’ve also breached the cap on my Picasa account. We’ve been meaning to migrate all the joint vacation & RenFaire pix over to a different account, so if you notice a hiccup or change in the imagery soon, you’ll know why.

In any case, I wanted to talk a bit about today’s activities. We spent a few hours on the water kayaking around Boca Chica in among the Mangrove trees. Brilliant! Our guide was informative and fun and it was just the four of us and here, making for a very intimate experience. We saw some fish, horseshoe crabs, various urchin & sponges and an amazing display of speed from a local stingray. All from the height of about 2″ in the water. It doesn’t get much better than that. It was also Sister Moon’s first kayak experience, kudos to her!

Tonight we’re off to see Kung Fu Burlesque at Kelly’s. It so happens that Kelly’s is based out of the original PanAm building. History, boobies, tasty food and happy hour drinks. What more could you ask for?

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