Car fire creates gridlock

Look ma! Traffic stand-still!!

Of course, I’m blogging on my other sites about project, but I’ve been to Vegas twice on business, (once with Sister Moon and once for my own company), met with a childhood friend I haven’t seen in almost 20 years and many other, sundry little events have transpired. However, right now as the heat starts to crank up in the desert and I know I’m staring down the barrel of another long, hot, shit-ass summer, I wanted to discuss the most immediate event. Apparently, there was a car fire at my exit during my morning commute. I didn’t begin to feel the effects until I was approx 4 exits from my off-ramp, (4-5 miles give or take), but when you go from a lovely 70mph down to walking the overheating, air-cooled scoot, well, it sucks balls. Image above links to all the traffic cams on I-10 from 32nd street all the way down to Chandler Blvd. Ugh, glad this packed up behind me. Then again, had I hopped on at Ray and saw it looking like this, well, I would never have left the ramp lane, hopping off at Warner and taken 48th street in.

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