5.5hrs of sleep. Now time to get ready for RenFaire!!!

EDITED – 21March

Twas a pleasant RenFaire day, alas with few pix until Friar Pat ponies up with what he took. Hot day, crowded day, but still as enjoyable as always. I’m still recovering, it was that good. Closed the day out with a little extra drunk The Scot & The Czech, after which I dropped an empty growler of grog making my way to the cab at 11pm. *sigh* And I was barefoot. Ahhh, sweet memories…

4 rums, 3 juices and a little love

Grog fixins!

At the request of many, here is my off the cuff grog recipe which became quite the hit at RenFaire opening day this year. I offer it now as I made a gallon to take with us in our voyage to the faire in just a few hours, (holy crap, the ship will dock at this port in 8 hours). This recipe is fairly simple, 1.5oz rum to 3oz juice. I make it in half gallon amounts, which fits nicely into any growler bottle one might get some a craft brew pub.

For slightly more than a half gallon, you use 24oz of Rum to 48oz of juice. Any mixture will do, but this recipe adds the punch of 1 part spiced rum to 3 parts flavored light rum. Juice should be mostly if not all citrus, but so long as it’s tropical, it should work out fine.

6oz Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum
6oz Capt. Morgan’s Parrot Bay Coconut Rum
6oz Capt. Morgan’s Parrot Bay Key Lime Rum
6oz Capt. Morgan’s Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Rum
16oz Orange Juice
16oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
16oz Pineapple-Mango Juice
Dash of Nutmeg
Cinnamon Stick

Combine all and stir thoroughly. For best results, chill overnight to allow the cinnamon stick to lend it’s character to the beverage. Serve cold over ice.

As for this specific recipe, here are some simple tips. Any spiced rum will do, such as Capt. Morgan’s, Sailor Jerry’s etc. Personally, I enjoy the extra 7% alcohol AND the flavor from Sailor Jerry’s over Capt. Morgan’s. As for the light, flavored rum, these happened to be the only 3 in stock at the grocers when I went. As a bonus, they happened to be on sale at $8/bottle. Regardless, the goal is to get light rums preferably of a flavored variety. As for the juice, we buy juices which have had their sugar and caloric content cut wherever possible. For these, the OJ and pineapple-mango are Tropicana brand Trop50 variety. They don’t make a grapefruit, but we still use a light grapefruit. You’re already pumping a ton of sugar into your system with that much rum, so why not cut a bit back on the juice. Trust me, NOBODY thought we were serving diet grog, this stuff is goooood!

Cheers mates!


Guinness photo courtesy Sami Keinänen

It's good to be draughty

Well, it is official. Those of us who enjoy a pint of the sweet, dark nectar from St. James Gate are mandated to make a pilgrimage to the home of stout for a draught. A recent article published in The Irish Times stated that, “despite sampling 103 pints in 71 pubs and 14 countries…Guinness really does taste better (in Ireland)”. Of course, the researchers are intrepid individuals and, “admitted further study is needed to back up their preliminary findings”. Oh, what a difficult job it must be to sample 103 pints in 71 pubs across 14 countries and require ‘further study’. Sign me up boss, I have a keen, logical mind, discriminating palate and a background in research from college. I will gladly assist in this herculean effort. In the interests of science.

Yes, I scheduled this post in advance when I read the article, (thanks to Haff’s mad skills, (bousy on Reddit). I will have only recently returned from Las Vegas and be desperate for a bit of sleep when this actually posts. Still, it’s nice to be prepared, (fuck you boy scouts! fucking paramilitary, religious right midgets!). Damn, where’d THAT come from?

Have a happy, drunken, (and hopefully safe), St. Patrick’s Day everyone!


A hell-bound ride

A happy good morning to all you Fat-Tuesday folk rising and shining. And a big, honkin’ thank you to ALL the Catholics, so filled with guilt and remorse, duty-bound to the church to get yer asses in for Ash Wednesday. You made my commute almost delightful! Almost. Certainly was faster without all of you on the road getting in my way. Sadly, the per capita idiot value does seem to go up with fewer cars on the road. Big accident as I got off the freeway, my taste-buds reek of gasoline and anti-freeze. I understand there was a freeway stopping accident on the 17 and an office involved shooting this fine day as well. All before 9am. Fascinating. For all us sinners, enjoy a taste of my favorite horrorbillies from Toronto, The Creepshow.


Sometimes the web is a wondrous, marvelous place. While I weep for the future of language thanks to chat, 1337, txt, etc., I am always a fan of the lolcat. Enjoy.

i love this box. wait is that a new box!? i miss you old box. i was just confused, please take me back.

LOLCat, a love story

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