Pirates’ weekend, here we come!

Edit, 08March:

Well, came & went it did. Was a simple trip w/ our favorite Scot and his lovely Czech wife, (I don’t have nicknames for them yet). A loungy day, a drink or two, a bit to eat. Was quite pleasant, truly. The hard rains that fell after we left even put snow on the mountains by Sunday morning. It was amazing, to think that Monday we saw snow and by the following weekend we had reached a sweltering 80+. Unreal.

Fortunately, the good ship Rogue Maiden has been loosed from her slip to haunt the seas of the 60 once again. Beware her and the depraved souls upon her decks come the weekend of 19March. The Ides of March indeed, for we be falling upon the innocents of AZ RenFest once again. ARGH!!!

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