A well into his cups Brother Wolf at the close of AZ Ren Fest's opening day

Avast ye lubber, mits off me grog!

The best part about running a blog nobody reads is you can add posts in after the fact. Muahahahahah!!! Seriously, was I in any position with the dressing and the gathering and the drinking on the bus to actually put up a post about my birthday weekend AND opening day at the 2011 Arizona Renaissance Festival on said day(s)? I think not!

The faire was it’s usual fare, (no pun intended), but this year we see the rise of a new king. The former king, a kindly, if lecherous imp, was in attendance at the drum circle for the closing of the day. If he wishes to ogle Sister Moon’s cleavage this year, he won’t have the liberty of being a king to do so. Tartanic was in residence again, HUZZAH FOR BAGPIPES! I shot a couple new videos of the two new pipers playing with the group, but I think the ladies were mostly enamoured of the new drummer and his rakish good looks and bare chest. Damn my old age!

Sixteen of us rode aboard the grand ship “Rogue Maiden”, (ok, it was a passenger bus from Mad Dog’s company piloted by our very own Tom B),  and it was a raucous ride indeed. I concocted a new grog recipe on the fly, (based loosely on my own dark grog recipe and the infamous Capt’n Arrrrgyl), Friday night. I’ll post the recipe when I get ’round to putting up the drink pages, but in rough form it’s 24oz of rum, (3 flavored light rums and Sailor Jerry’s), and equal measures of OJ, Pineapple/Mango & Grapefruit juices to round up to about a half gallon. This was so good, we damn near killed the ration on the trip out and I had to beat the troops into submission to spare a dram or tow for the trip home.

All in all, a grand way to kick off my birthday weekend and whet the appetite for our next outing on Pirate’s Weekend, 26-27Feb. Grand so!

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  1. You are looking mighty handsome, must be the genes. *grin* I know we must have been pirates in a previous life. Raise a glass to us the next time you all are on the “Rogue Maiden” and remember the last time we were with you. Give our love to all, especially to you and our lovely daughter.

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