Pirates’ weekend, here we come!

Edit, 08March:

Well, came & went it did. Was a simple trip w/ our favorite Scot and his lovely Czech wife, (I don’t have nicknames for them yet). A loungy day, a drink or two, a bit to eat. Was quite pleasant, truly. The hard rains that fell after we left even put snow on the mountains by Sunday morning. It was amazing, to think that Monday we saw snow and by the following weekend we had reached a sweltering 80+. Unreal.

Fortunately, the good ship Rogue Maiden has been loosed from her slip to haunt the seas of the 60 once again. Beware her and the depraved souls upon her decks come the weekend of 19March. The Ides of March indeed, for we be falling upon the innocents of AZ RenFest once again. ARGH!!!

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Haff's most recent ink!

My good pal Haff got some color done today on his “Fuck You Cancer!” tattoo so I thought I’d share it since ink is a big part of what we’re going to be about here. Cheers mate!

A well into his cups Brother Wolf at the close of AZ Ren Fest's opening day

Avast ye lubber, mits off me grog!

The best part about running a blog nobody reads is you can add posts in after the fact. Muahahahahah!!! Seriously, was I in any position with the dressing and the gathering and the drinking on the bus to actually put up a post about my birthday weekend AND opening day at the 2011 Arizona Renaissance Festival on said day(s)? I think not!

The faire was it’s usual fare, (no pun intended), but this year we see the rise of a new king. The former king, a kindly, if lecherous imp, was in attendance at the drum circle for the closing of the day. If he wishes to ogle Sister Moon’s cleavage this year, he won’t have the liberty of being a king to do so. Tartanic was in residence again, HUZZAH FOR BAGPIPES! I shot a couple new videos of the two new pipers playing with the group, but I think the ladies were mostly enamoured of the new drummer and his rakish good looks and bare chest. Damn my old age!

Sixteen of us rode aboard the grand ship “Rogue Maiden”, (ok, it was a passenger bus from Mad Dog’s company piloted by our very own Tom B),  and it was a raucous ride indeed. I concocted a new grog recipe on the fly, (based loosely on my own dark grog recipe and the infamous Capt’n Arrrrgyl), Friday night. I’ll post the recipe when I get ’round to putting up the drink pages, but in rough form it’s 24oz of rum, (3 flavored light rums and Sailor Jerry’s), and equal measures of OJ, Pineapple/Mango & Grapefruit juices to round up to about a half gallon. This was so good, we damn near killed the ration on the trip out and I had to beat the troops into submission to spare a dram or tow for the trip home.

All in all, a grand way to kick off my birthday weekend and whet the appetite for our next outing on Pirate’s Weekend, 26-27Feb. Grand so!


Brother Wolf's most recent ink!

Sister Moon and I have an affinity for tattoos. Oddly, in our youth we wanted more ink and chose not to for the typical reasons. Broke, don’t wanna mess up chances at a job, etc. Well, as we cruise well beyond the pale of youth, we have both decided, more or less, damn the man! So it is that we embarked once again on a joint tattoo venture to coincide with out wedding anniversary last Hallowe’en.

Tony Olvera from Lady Luck is our new guru and the man is a machine. He’s done three all day sessions with the two of us and once he gets started he barely takes a break. Anyway, we’ve both finished up the main portions of our cover-ups. Yeah, we’re hiding older tattoos, but what are you gonna do? Sister Moon it pretty much done, however after more than 6 hours in the chair he arm said enough is enough and she has managed a bit of an infection. After almost 20 years of getting ink, for both of us, this is the first time this has ever happened. Who knows the reason, all that matters is we saw it, caught it and are running a course of antibiotics which seem to be doing their job very well in less than a day.

I’m not quite done, (that’s me up top there), but rather than fill in to my elbow, we’re setting aside some time to think of how we’re going to attack the rest of the sleeve. Yup, after all these years I’m finally getting my first sleeve. Mmmmm, what do you suppose it will be, given what’s already been done?

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