(This archived content from a previous blog is being added for posterity, 25Jan2011. Ed.)

Well, I’m sitting here at work. All the marketing muppets are off planning the next disaster, my motivation for the year is officially spent and I am left to look back at the last year and wonder if it can possibly get any worse?

Professionally, I stagnated this year because I was continually marginalized by people who lack real world experience as a 365 day pissing match ensued over who really gets to run things. Despite their best efforts, I still ‘won’, but it was a Pyrrhic victory. I got to keep my best in class platform and we’ll be revising it’s implementation to get it performing as it should. I did not get to choose the vendor I wished for, but my current vendor stepped up and started taking responsibility and making positive strides. I continue to be viewed as a black box, typical for technology professionals who have to deal with business folk who have no idea what we do, only that we need to be doing it. It bothers me to have spent over a decade honing the multidisciplinary skills necessary to work in eCommerce only to have a handful of nitwits barely old enough to even remember life before the internet take all the credit for work they could not have even begun to accomplish had I sat on my hands.

Daily, I am sickened more and more at the state of my nation and it’s inhabitants. Sloth, greed and avarice are combining ignorance & apathy to create a nation of simpering, self-important weaklings who think they somehow deserve anything they want without effort or cost. Even the tough-guys are candy-asses, experts at the physical beat-down because mommy didn’t love them enough as a child so as to teach them that strength and compassion are not incompatible. Drug industry and fast food combine to make a nation of sickos incapable of moderately taking care of themselves without dozens of prescriptions. I give greater credence to living abroad with each creature I pass on their way to the mall.

And yet, despite my angst, I still have much to be thankful for. A very beautiful and loving wife. A family I adore and look forward to holding each and every day when I arrive home from work. Friends I enjoy spending time with and hobbies which engage me and which I possess all the faculties, if not all of the time I wish, to participate to the fullest in. I’m broke, but not so broke that I don’t have a roof over my head and tasty victuals on my table.

I hope for so much in 2010, but so long as my wife is by my side it won’t matter how it turns out. We’ll be there to see it through, together. Of course, if I could knock a few muppets on the head and keep a few extra bucks in the bank account, I wouldn’t argue with such largess. Farewell 2009, it has been… interesting.

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