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Well, well, well. I have to be honest, in all of my years spent in liberal study, (history, political science, cultural anthropology, philosophy), I wanted to see a day like today happen, but I was afraid I might never see it in my lifetime. A majority female and a minority male ran competing campaigns for the president of the United States. Amazing in and of itself. As we all know now, President Barrack Obama, the first African-American/black/minority/whatever you want to call it, (I despise political correctness for it’s emasculation of the language and the manner in which it hides the truth of what people believe), has just been sworn in to office. It is a great and historic day. I should be proud and exhilarated.

From the break room at work I watched former president G.W. Bush walk away towards his waiting helicopter and end his time in our nation’s highest office. At this moment, I am simply happy to be employed. My wife is rumoured to be getting a pay cut. Many of my friends have already been cut 10%, but again should be thankful they even have jobs. In 8 years, the man who could barely form a coherent sentence has utterly and irrevocably ruined this nation. We have what was once the finest military mired in desert brush fire engagements where they do not belong, (and no, I’m no sappy liberal there. I believe in military service and it’s proper application). Our once powerful economy, (admittedly it was falsely powerful as it grew in ways it never should have), lays shattered and at the mercy of the worlds economic equivalent of hyenas and other carrion eaters. Education and the environment seem to have been set back twice as far as the two terms of office we have had to endure. I want to believe that there may be some hope for the future, but I look at my fellow Americans in shame and disgust as their waistlines grow, their intellects shrink and it becomes obvious that they are bereft of all notions of civic duty and common courtesy to the last.

While it is difficult to blame the woes of the world on a single person or group of people, it is still satisfying to have a scapegoat. While I hope that there is strength enough to pull this once proud nation and people back from the precipice of the abyss, I am at least happy in the knowledge that the Bush Crime Syndicate, that vile group of thugs & warmongers who extorted and raped the American people, economy and the very Constitution itself, is on it’s way out. In many ways, I am surprised. I almost thought they might find a way to increase the term limits or even make a bid to simply seize power like the fascists that they are. I suppose it should be said that for once losing popularity served a real purpose.

So, on that note, I just want to say one more thing.

Goodbye and good riddance George Bush. May you rot in whatever hell you think you believe in you piece of shit. Fuck off.

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