(This archived content from a previous blog is being added for posterity, 25Jan2011. Ed.)

This one goes out specifically to the bald-headed fucker in the queer-ass, champagne-colored, late-model Toyota Tacoma pickup who cut me off on the I-10/40th St freeway exit at approx 9:00am on September 13th, 2007. Yeah you, ya fucker! I’ll give you credit, at least you had the balls to stick you head out of the window and TRY to offer me an excuse before you told me to fuck off. Most of the whiny, in-bred, minivan drivers just hide behind their tinted windows and act they they didn’t do anything wrong and pretend that I’m not there calling them a cock sucker.

No, I have a hunch you didn’t like the fact that I called you a hillbilly, what with your bullshit straw cowboy hat so prominently displayed in the back window and what I SWEAR was a camo t-shirt on. Oh yea, lots of cattle to rustle and buck to hunt down here in Phoenix. Hoo-boy! I know exactly what you did because EVERY ONE OF YOU ASSHOLES IN A CAR does the same damn thing. 2 lanes available to a right turn and, if you remember from your drivers test YOU STAY IN THE ASSOCIATED LANE. Right-most lane and middle lane. NOT THE LANE TO THE LEFT BECAUSE YOU ARE SPEEDING AND HOPING TO MAKE THE LIGHT! That lane you so blithely drifted into was MINE and you did it because you were probably late for work and driving like a dumb-ass. My favorite part was the “I didn’t see you”, comment. YOU WERE BEHIND ME! How the fuck do you miss a 215lbs man with a long, dark pony tail in a black shirt on a dark bike in broad daylight? I’ll tell you how…


Fuck you, you fuckin’ bald fuck! And fuck all of you cage driving pieces of shit, blissfully ignorant of the wide world around you. The kid making the left turn at that same light this morning may have had the right attitute. The back of his helmet had a sticker stating the obvious, “Cars Suck”.

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